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Due to events beyond our control, we have taken the unfortunate decision to temporarily stop trading.

All current orders will be fulfilled, but we're sorry to say that no new orders or sample requests will be accepted.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this causes you.

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What's possible

When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke. Chosen your worktop's surface and colour, style and texture? Our online layout tool gives you thousands of additional customising options.

Shape up

1. Shape up

Choose a starting layout to customise however you like. Your pieces can be any shape — including circles and curved-edge shapes — and any size. You can add on shapes later to alter your pieces.

Shape up

2. Join in

Our planning tool lets you choose from a range of join types to connect your chosen pieces, including straight, diagonal, and curved. Pieces are cut to size and the near-seamless joins prepared in our factory, so during installation you won't have to worry about alignment for stunningly smooth joinery, whatever joins you choose. That's your cue to be creative, we'd say.

Shape up

3. Take the edge off

Choose from curved, bevel, or cut out edge shapes, customisable to the exact millimetre and degree. Once you've chose your edge shapes, you can choose each edge's style or leave unseen edges raw. Our edges are finished in the factory before shipping for exception quality— and no fiddly gluing on installation!

Shape up

4. Cut 'n' drilled

Cut out squares or circles of any size (from any part of the piece) to accommodate sinks or other fixtures. We can also pre-drill 35mm holes for hinges.

Standard sizes

5. Set the (£99) standard

Don't need our fancy bespoke tools? Happy to cut to size yourself? Great. We offer a range of standard size worktops in a wide selection of styles, in both HPL and Solid Surface. Ready to dispatch, you'll receive your worktop within 3 working days. Prices include VAT and delivery and start at a flabbergasting £99.